Environmentalism vs. Creation

In the pagan construction of the world, the nature of being in anthropology is rooted in naturalism: Man is a product of

Environmentalism vs. Creation2019-07-23T12:45:52-04:00

The Greatest Threat to the Church

It's high time we deal with this. The greatest threat to the Church in America isn’t a political candidate for president, AOC,

The Greatest Threat to the Church2019-04-23T14:29:31-04:00

Finished: The Meaning of Good Friday

Hanging on the cross, Jesus said one final word: tetelestai. This word, translated as "It is finished," is oftentimes the subject of curious

Finished: The Meaning of Good Friday2019-04-19T10:34:37-04:00

How to Respond to AHA

You can listen to this in podcast form over at Reconstructionist Radio. Welcome to Setting the Record Straight, a podcast of Reconstructionist

How to Respond to AHA2017-11-19T13:14:48-05:00

Dialectical Maneuvering

"And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men

Dialectical Maneuvering2017-07-28T08:15:11-04:00

It’s proportionate.

The rise in pietistic antinomianism in the church is directly proportionate to the rise of secular humanism in this nation. If the

It’s proportionate.2017-06-24T19:03:00-04:00
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