So we are a week or two into the current apocalyptic frenzy and the pre-tribulational Rapture index (a real thing) is spiking off the charts. We somehow made it through the blood moons unscathed, but here we are facing another unique moment in world history. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has apprehended our attention and what we must do is be as judicious and shrewd as possible. This can be rather difficult given our penchant for memes: memery is clearly at its all-time high (a curve that will most certainly not be flattened). Another problem lies in the fact that there’s a ton of information to sift through and because fallen men are glory whores, everyone is clamoring to be the new corona-savior, the CDC included. But now is not the time to fold. It’s a time to search things out (Prov. 25:2).

Sadly, people are very sick and people are dying. Italy, with its aging population, has by far suffered the most casualties. America is currently on lockdown in order to keep the virus from spreading, though this is not without significant debate. The big discussion here in the U.S. has to do with the economic ramifications. Over three million people have applied for unemployment as restaurants and small businesses are forced to close. Congress has passed, as of today, a $2 trillion ‘stimulus’ package (read: print more money, stat!). The economic devastation incurred by these lockdown orders may in fact send the nation into another great depression. Maybe.


What I’m about to say shouldn’t be that controversial but we have this uncanny ability to not just kick the goads, but spit on them, curse them, and turn them back on their owner. Will we indeed accept the good from God but not accept the adversity (Job 2:10)? So here goes. The coronavirus, like all viruses, comes to us from the hand of God. I’ll let the Prophet Isaiah explain:

I am the LORD and there is no other; there is no God besides Me. I strengthen you, though you have not known Me, so that they may know from the rising of the sun and from the west that there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other; I form light and create darkness; I make peace and create calamity; I, the LORD, do all these things. (Is. 45:5-7, MEV)

Anytime a verse like this is presented, one might be tempted to react with disdain, saying, “Yeah, but that’s just one verse.” Fine. I’ll raise you another, this time from Amos 3:6, “If the trumpet blasts in the city, are not the people frightened? If there is disaster against a city, is it not the LORD who has done it?” 

I can’t pretend to know the mind of God. “Who has known the mind of the Lord?” (Romans 11:34). But one thing we can do is learn from his past working in history knowing that he’s always working in history to display the fullness of his glorious gospel. God is indeed meticulously sovereign; he cares for every electron, every mitochondria, and every nation, so much so, that Jesus died to buy those things back from the pretended dominion of satan, sin, and death. The cross was and is the turning point—the great judicial atonement—that displayed the real-time historical wrath of God against sin and rebels. In God’s judgment, the elect suffer unto glory; the subversives die justly. God, stay with me, acts in history.


Our social order is severely atrophied. We should expect this for the politics of humanism is both inept and deleterious. It isn’t just stupid, it causes a lot of harm, both in physical/emotional damage, and economic damage. We have paddled away from the anchor that is God’s law, opting instead to unhitch ourselves from any accountability. The problem with this line of thinking? We’re still floating along in the sea of God’s sovereign orchestration of history. In other words, you can (to mix metaphors) walk away from God all you want, but you’re still breathing his oxygen. So much for rebellion! 

The social order of the Western world is crumbling. We think we can, in self-congratulatory haughtiness, kill millions of babies in the womb and act like God is unconcerned. We think we can tax ourselves into prosperity. We think we can print more money without realizing the thievery of inflationary principles. We think we can bomb other countries because freedom can only be had with a certain amount of boom. We think we can steal people’s money by taxing their private properties in order to pay for the socialistic scheme that is government education. We think we can lock non-violent criminals in cages (funded by taxes, by the way) while forgoing the biblical principle of restitution. We think minimum wage laws are fantastic. We think gender bending is a noble pursuit. We are convinced that the atomized family is better, far more efficient than the biblical trustee family. We genuinely believe a whole slew of things are good when in reality they are not. 

So our social order is atrophied, and it’s our fault. But like a disease-susceptible body exhibiting symptoms of stress, so our culture is manifesting symptoms of disease and stress. The symptoms, I argue, are there because God gives us real-time historical feedback on whether or not we’re lining up with his law-word. Sometimes called ‘sanctions’, these systematic warning signs have been flashing on the dashboard of culture for quite some time and we believe the only viable solution is to remove the fuse. The check engine light is there for a reason and just because you managed to turn off the flashing light doesn’t mean the engine is suddenly fixed. Let the reader understand. 

Diseases, disasters, and self-inflicted harm wrought by our autonomous lusts are all manifestations of God’s historical sanctions. Inflammation, yes even that, is something God uses to humble us. When we pound our chests and puff ourselves up, God sees this arrogance as being harmful, and thus he strikes us “with a wasting disease, with a fever, with an inflammation, with an extreme heat, with the sword, with blight, and with mildew” (Deut. 28:22). God gives us more than we can handle because the idol of self-sufficiency is entirely destructive to us. We have a health crisis but it’s not because we lack hospital beds. It’s because BigOil, BigAg, and now Big Tech (looking at you, Bill Gates) have cozied up with BigPharma. The crisis is there because socialism has put its ugly paws all over it. The crisis, in a manner of speaking, is our own dang fault.


For the past several months I’ve been toting around a dozen or so books written by natural doctors. This has been quite a learning experience for me as I’ve found there are options out there that don’t require our acquiescence to the current allopathic system of reductionist medicine. Let me say this differently. The current pharmaceutical cabal has taken over in this nation because it believes certain evolutionary presuppositions. Modern healthcare isn’t actually healthcare, but disease management. 

The body, it is believed, is a machine with interchangeable parts which can be switched out or greased up with whatever the alchemists in control decide. Synthetic drugs and ostensible advancements in technology puts up a farcical facade which gives the impression that we are pretty well advanced and thus we have a handle on diseases and other viral infections. The truth is, we do have a lot of advanced technology, and much of it can be used to help the sick. But we also are being ravaged by autism, cancer, heart disease, medical malpractice, adverse drug reactions, and a laundry list of other medical problems that kill people every single day. Why is the autism curve not flattened, but instead trending upwards towards inexorable disaster? Because we think more and more aluminum administered through vaccines is actually helping things. We eat toxins, breath toxins, inject toxins, drink toxins, and immerse ourselves in invisible toxins (EMFs) day in, and day out, and the drugs you see on television laughably explain that while the drug may help with one particular issue, it may, I don’t know, cause blindness, loss of kidney function, your lungs might fall out, and it might just kill you.  But hey, they sure are having fun on television with that racquetball thingy. And this is  what passes for healthcare?

When it comes to the coronavirus hysteria, the fact is most mainstream discussions (pronouncements?) demonstrate that we are still holding to the faulty germ theory of disease, which, popularized by Louis Pasteur, is something Pasteur allegedly rejected on his deathbed. This microbial theory states that there are viruses and bacterias that get into the body and the only way to deal with the germs that made you sick is to kill them.  We’ll call this the microbial scorched earth policy. This is why masks and hand sanitization are in such high demand right now. This erroneous presupposition is the shaky foundation Western medicine is built upon. As a result, modern medicine treats the symptoms and never considers the terrain. Through the use of vaccinations, antibiotics, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and prescription drugs, germ-theory medicine (reductionistic to the core) tries to keep germs and other foreign invaders out of the body.

On the other hand, terrain theory believes that our internal environment is what determines our overall health. When the body experiences homeostasis (internal balance of all systems), it is quite capable of dealing with pathogenic microorganisms that are always present in the body. In other words, the immune system, when given a fighting chance through proper nutrition, proper pH, and uninhibited detoxification processes (healthy liver, lymphatic, etc.), is able to destroy the unwanted guests rather efficiently.

Regarding the terrain, why is it the world waits for a vaccine or a drug when virtually no one wants to deal with the terrain of the body? Another vaccine with aborted fetal cell DNA is the last thing we need. Rather than pre-emptive quarantine, we should probably do more pre-emptive nutrition. That’s the difference between germ theory and terrain theory.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the coronavirus problem. Ceasing the consumption of bats is one example. Another example is the fact that we do not know what it means to be healthy nor do we know what it means to be sick. The symptoms aren’t the sickness, they’re the warning lights on the dashboard. Fix the terrain with nutrition, which is recommended by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and a host of other wholistic doctors, and you’re well on your way to true healthcare. Vitamin A, B, C, and D go much further when dealing with viruses than vaccines because they deal with the terrain. When we deal with the presuppositions we can find our answers. 


Without getting into too much detail on natural health protocols (recommended resources are listed below), the fact remains: Now is not the time to slack in our trust of the Almighty. It is not the time to panic; it’s the time to repent. The unraveling of any social order requires us to search for the injustice. Why? God gives us feedback on our worship and obedience or lack thereof. When we find the injustice, we find the idolatry. When we find the idolatry we can identify where it is we need to repent. Don’t panic, start looking.

The allopathic medical establishment makes billions and billions of dollars on the backs of unwitting participants. It is Darwinian, and it is gnostic. While social distancing and symptomatic quarantine does have its place, what doesn’t have its place is the evolutionary presuppositions that have hijacked the medical establishment. It is, to be frank, tyranny. The centralized control of patents coupled with the already problematic tyranny of the state is a recipe for disaster, and that’s what we’re seeing right now. 

Perhaps God wants to teach us something? Perhaps it’s about our treatment of others, like orphans and widows, immigrants and refugees? Perhaps God wants to show us what it’s like to serve the state to whom we have given permission to handle our charity? Perhaps a lesson on sabbath? We busily hurry ourselves into the progressive sunset of humanist nothingness and since the Church thinks that man was made for sabbath, which is desiring sacrifice long before mercy, we are reaping what we have sown. And the proof, I hasten to add, is especially obvious given the fact that abortion clinics and local politicians go largely unchallenged by Christians who ought to wield the authority of heaven’s scepter. 

Maybe God wants to teach us about the importance of the family? The importance of the Church serving the Kingdom of God and not reducing the Christian experience down to Sunday only-ism? Whatever it is God wants to teach us, the truth is, we aren’t humble enough to listen. We are a proud nation, and that’s not a compliment. We have become servants of the state and since the coronavirus is God’s coronavirus, perhaps the greater lesson is one of wide-scale repentance. Some trust in chariots and the federal reserve; we (must) trust in Jehovah.

Tyranny is a fever you simply have to sweat out. Tyranny, like a fever, has to run its course and this is because God uses tyrants to accomplish his plans for history. The Beast is on a very short leash, and that’s good news. But the Beast is still among us, breathing threats and jostling the people of God. And we need to ask: why is that? Tyranny is a taste of our own injudicious medicine. If we won’t serve the Kingdom, God will shut the 501(c)3’s down. If we won’t welcome the stranger, God will lock us in our own walled-off nation. If we won’t defend and care for the widow and the poor, God will crush our economy. To whom much is given, much is required, and what is clear right now is the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ is under the sovereign judgment of God. We’ve taken the blessings of God and turned them into a giant noose. So we must repent. We must be faithful. We must. When your options are reduced down to tyranny or repentance, you always repent.

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