teaching pastor | writer | activist | professor at Cross & Crown Seminary

Dr. Jason Garwood has spent his career seeking to both understand and apply the Biblical worldview to every single area of life. His aim is to help pastors and churches to be better equipped to engage in the Great Commission by teaching Christians how to find their individual purpose in the Kingdom of God and learn how to identify and respond to cultural idols.

He is currently the teaching pastor at Cross & Crown Church in Northern Virginia:
  • Cross & Crown was planted in 2017 with a vision and mission to equip men, women, and children to press the crown rights of King Jesus into every area of life;
  • Cross & Crown is a house-church movement seeking to establish other house churches across the world; and
  • Cross & Crown is laboring to promote liberty and justice by local activism and involvement in their community and region.
He is a writer and activist:
Most importantly, Jason is a devoted husband and father:
  • He has been married to his wife, Mary, for 15 years;
  • They have three children;
  • He makes his home in Warrenton, Virginia.

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Jesus is King, No Neutrality, No Exile, No Surrender.

Cross & Crown Radio is an unapologetically Christian Reconstructionist talk show for your edification and enjoyment: Jesus is King, No Neutrality, No Exile, No Surrender.

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What is Christian Reconstruction?

May 19th, 2022|0 Comments

After developing a graphic on postmillennialism, I decided to go ahead and do the entire gamut of the tenets of Christian Reconstruction. You'll notice that I have expanded it from the traditional five points to seven points, one of which (abolitionism) may not necessarily be a point in its own regard, but instead an outworking of the collective doctrines (you'll have to decide for yourself). I have added Reformational Philosophy to the lineup because I personally find it important thanks to the work of Herman Dooyeweerd, et al. Some of the concepts are fairly advanced, so I welcome questions if anyone might need further explanation. Regardless, I hope and pray it is helpful.  P.S. - I couldn't not fit the myriad of scripture references on the graphic without sacrificing space and quality. Lord willing this will be expanded into book

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