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Cross & Crown Radio

Jesus is King, No Neutrality, No Exile, No Surrender.

Cross & Crown Radio is an unapologetically Christian Reconstructionist talk show for your edification and enjoyment: Jesus is King, No Neutrality, No Exile, No Surrender.

What is Christian Reconstruction?

May 19th, 2022|0 Comments

After developing a graphic on postmillennialism, I decided to go ahead and do the entire gamut of the tenets of Christian Reconstruction. You'll notice that I have expanded it from the traditional five points to seven points, one of which (abolitionism) may not necessarily be a point in its own regard, but instead an outworking of the collective doctrines (you'll have to decide for yourself). I have added Reformational Philosophy to the lineup because I personally find it important thanks to the work of Herman Dooyeweerd, et al. Some of the concepts are fairly advanced, so I welcome questions if anyone might need further explanation. Regardless, I hope and pray it is helpful.  P.S. - I couldn't not fit the myriad of scripture references on the graphic without sacrificing space and quality. Lord willing this will be expanded into book

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