I’m pleased to announce to release of my latest book, Health for All of Life: A Medical Manifesto of Hope and Healing for the Nations!

The Description:

No doubt, over the past century, the Western world has seen tremendous advances in medicine and technology. But what if, in our insatiable urge to progress, we have lost what it means to be healthy? What happens when Big-Pharma and Big-Government work together in an unholy union of oppression and tyranny? The fact is, we are sicker than ever, and much of our modern “healthcare” has become nothing more than death-care. We have forgotten the natural, God-given systems in the body that can often be healed by simple protocols found in creation. Meanwhile, in an era long distanced from days where the church was unafraid to apply biblical principles to the stewardship of our bodies, Dr. Jason Garwood has written an indispensable manifesto on the intersection of faith, Christian doctrine, and health. It is scientifically and theologically informed as well as immensely practical while avoiding the pitfalls of a false “prosperity gospel.” If you want to regain a faith-filled vision of health and healing you simply must read this book.

I am grateful for Martin Selbrede’s excellent foreword to the book as well as for the following endorsements (there were quite a few!):

“In our years of health research and activism, we have long hoped that leaders in the church would stand up and be a voice for truth in the realm of health and wellness. In his seminal, one-of-a-kind book Health for All of Life, Dr. Jason Garwood has answered that prayer. We can’t recommend it enough.”

–Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Founders of The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines

“This book is the most comprehensive health book I’ve ever read. It’s so practical it’s mind blowing. I’m afraid this singular book could singlehandedly get rid of 70% of health issues people face in their life–if they’ll follow the instructions therein….The word of God is undoubtedly the absolute answer to man’s absolute needs, even in regards to health. Thank you so much Dr. Garwood for giving this gift to the world. It will surely outlive you.

–Dr. Sunday Adelaja, Pastor of Embassy of God, Kiev, Ukraine; Author of Church Shift

“John Wesley knew that wisdom is required to live so as to love God with all one’s strength. So he sought and compiled all the available wisdom for healthy living. In 1747 he published “Primitive Physic or an Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases.” Specialists deserve respect, but the doctrine of the “Priesthood of all believers” makes everyone responsible for personal and public health. Health For All of Life will equip the reader to fulfill this responsibility in our day.”

–Vishal Mangalwadi, Author of The Book That Made Your World & Truth & Transformation

“Health for All of Life  provides insight into the basic principles of health and natural medicine, as well as help to provide a foundation for a theology of health, regrettably a concept that most Christians are unfamiliar with.”

–Rhett Bergeron MD, Medical Director, Real Health Medical Atlanta, GA

“The first clause of the First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Vaccines cannot be a de facto orthodox religion, forcing people against their religion or conscience to inject themselves and their children with toxic and foreign substances. Fighting to preserve freedom, including religious freedom, and democracy are the fights of our lives, and I commend Pastor Garwood for standing up for this quest.”

–Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Founder and Chair, Children’s Health Defense

“Dr. Garwood’s fantastic new addition to the literature on vaccines and health is welcome. Discussing health from a Christian perspective – not only what not to do, but what to do – will help people around the world be healthy and live in peace. Huge thanks to Pastor Garwood for speaking out to preserve one of our most fundamental rights, the free exercise of religion.”

–Mary S. Holland, General Counsel and Vice Chair, Children’s Health Defense

“Rev. Dr. Jason Garwood has done a fantastic job exposing society’s almost cult-like following of modern medicine. I pray that his careful, Biblical approach of explanation will help open the eyes of many believers to both the benefits of, and responsibility to, care for one’s body and lead one’s family to do the same using as many of the natural tools God has already provided.

Honestly, I’ve been so discouraged by the church’s willingness to ignore facts about aborted fetal tissue used as a base for many of the current vaccinations, it’s adherence to state mandates that violate Biblical principles, and its dependence on a medical system that is borderline idolatry. Pastor Jason clarifies the Biblical truth that God created us as His masterpiece with the abilities to heal that contemporary science has yet to understand.”

–Dr. Kevin Conners, Practitioner at Conners Clinic and Author of Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

You can find the book on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle) as well as Apple’s iBooks platform.