Why reject compulsory vaccination? Why reject the magistrate being in charge of so-called “public health”?

Because we’re not cattle. Because we’re not evolutionary goo to be manipulated and controlled. In short, because we’re made in the image of God. Herman Dooyeweerd ought not be charged with promoting a “libertarian lure,” rather, he ought to be charged with being a consistent Christian.

[T]he human body is inseparable from the ethical person of man… Why did the Christian mind revolt again and again against man-and-God-dishonoring slavery? Precisely because by this servitude of the body the ethical personhood was ignored, because the slave was regarded as “res”, as a thing, which the master could dispose of as a piece of cattle. The legal order, which sanctioned slavery, was guilty of a transgression of the divine ordinances, which placed man as an ethical person in the midst of society. Personhood should never be infringed by the government … the government may not, according to God’s ordinances, force the ethically free man to accept physical treatment in any form. The ethical person alone is appointed by God as the keeper and caretaker of the body…whoever accepts compulsory vaccination in principle has deprived himself of the moral ground for opposing usurpation by government of individual liberty.

–Herman Dooyeweerd, ‘Report from the Dr Abraham Kuyper Foundation regarding Compulsory Vaccination,’ December 1923, trans. Ruben Alvarado. Emphasis mine.