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Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them. (Ephesians 5:11)

And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), “Let us do evil that good may come”? Their condemnation is just. (Romans 3:8)

“Who can make the clean out of the unclean? No one! (Job 14:4)

PRAYER // Our Father and Most Gracious God: We come now to hear the ethics of your law-word and pray that our understanding would be Spirit-saturated, biblically informed, and Christ exalting. We pray that we would be shaped by your wisdom so that we may combat the erroneous worldviews we see all around us, especially in the vaccine industry. Help us we pray, in Christ’s name we pray, AMEN. 

At first glance it may seem rather strange to hear about a pastor preaching on vaccines, after all, the word doesn’t appear in the Bible, the science is settled, and we’re supposed to only preach the gospel, right? Wrong. There are lots of words that don’t appear in the Bible, the science is not settled but obfuscated, and as we’ll see today, preaching the gospel means preaching the Kingdom of God which is the content and meaning of the gospel. 

There are certainly those whose gospel is so far removed from this earth that it serves no real purpose other than saving souls for heaven, which, incidentally, is a shared presupposition of the gnostic worldview behind Statism and Big Pharma. A gospel which is devoid of the Kingdom of Christ is a gospel that Jesus did not preach. A gospel which has no real-time historical application for every area of life is a gospel that Jesus did not preach. Our gospel is quite big enough to handle anything and everything in history and life.

When pastors and churchmen balk at the idea of preaching a sermon like this, it is either coming from unbiblical presuppositions (their gospel is impotent), or it is coming from the same erroneous, carnal beliefs of those whom we intend to critique today (their philosophy of ministry is power-oriented and thus it is gnosticism in practice, just like the vaccine industry). 

The reason Christians and pastors should address this topic is because: 1) It is the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and thus the rule and reign of Christ is applicable now, and it should inform our approach to life; 2) Every single area of life is underneath the supreme authority of Jesus Christ, which is what Matthew 28:18 tells us; 3) We are called by the Great Commission to teach nations to obey the commands of Christ, which is another way of saying that those who are obedient to the law of God are to teach the world how to be obedient to the law of God; 4) Using the law-word of God and the authority of Christ, we are to take every thought, philosophy, idea, and systemic injustice captive making it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5); 5) The Church is called to be light, illuminating nations in what is right and just and true; however, we’ve become apathetic and lazy, not involved in the things God has called us to; 6) Because of the aforementioned things we can boil the vaccine debate down to this: We are called to the task of the healing of the nations, not the destruction of liberty, human rights, and life.

Having said all that, let’s consider our three main texts:

Ephesians 5:11 says it clearly: “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.” // The apostle Paul tells Christians not to take part in the works of darkness. Why? Because there’s a temptation for Christians to do this sort of thing, self-consciously or unconsciously. But there’s an assumption here: Christians need to be mature enough to identify the darkness. Which means your senses must be trained. Which means you must understand the law-word of God to such a degree that you are capable of wielding it as you navigate the things in question. Instead of participating in the wickedness, the admonition is to expose the wickedness. We are not to simply ignore the darkness as we retreat to our safe pulpits and churches; we’re to reveal it, and uncover it, which requires activity. Activism is a thoroughly biblical concept.

Romans 3:8 says, “And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), “Let us do evil that good may come”? Their condemnation is just.” // Here Paul address the idea of cheap grace: Christians can do evil and yet God still forgives—as if the gospel can be reduced down to such treachery. If God forgives our sin, they reason,  then why not sin some more? Why not do evil so that the good outcome of forgiveness can come? This reasoning is faulty, and Paul goes into further detail on the matter in Romans 6. For now, note that the Bible calls us to condemn this line of thinking when we see the world inflicting harm, or doing evil, because they assume that only good will follow.

Job 14:4 says, “Who can make the clean out of the unclean? No one!” // Similar to Paul’s logic, Job 14:4 is the principle of trying to take that which God regards as unclean and somehow making it clean. As if we can take aborted fetal DNA, inject it into our muscle, which then moves into the bloodstream, and expect good things to happen. No one can do such a thing, which means the principle must be applied in an ethical manner to the vaccine issue. 

In a little while we’ll look at Deuteronomy 28, so you can turn there if you haven’t already. I’m working with these biblically based principles—and many more—so keep these three texts in mind as we work our way through the issue. So, what about vaccines?

No movement or philosophy or cause in society can make progress and survive for the long haul without an identifiable philosophy of life and religious presupposition being embraced by its shareholders, and foisted on its enemies. In other words, it’s never if there’s a religious commitment of these causes, but which religion is being propagated? It’s never if there’s a theocracy, but which god is being revered? It’s not whether the vaccine industry has an agenda or not, but which agenda are they trying to promote? And what’s behind their activity in the world? Any social movement needs philosophical and religious presuppositions in order to advance. 

For the Christian, then, we must be able to discern what those things are, and bring the gospel into those areas where the gospel will naturally conflict with it. And what we have right now in our nation is a revitalization project known as Moloch worship. My fourth session from the Bible Conference in Zambia covers this, so I’m not going to go into detail now, but just know that Moloch worship is State-worship: the divination of man through the collective means of a centralized nanny-state.

There are plenty of religious and philosophical underpinnings to the vaccine industry, and they are intertwined with the food industry, the rest of the medical industry, lobbyists and politicians, et al.; and of course the common denominator in all of it is Statism: the State is god and thereby the final standard and arbiter for all things. When the State creates law, it is final—so they say. 

For Christians, this will not suffice; we have a higher law. For those of us who stand on the authority of the Word of God, we believe that God is the one who has power and authority and thus he has providence. We do not believe the State to have these three things. They may have power, but they don’t have authority or jurisdiction—not when it conflicts with the authority of King Jesus. And they do not have providence: the ability to control the created order and orchestrate history towards their own means. Only the Triune God of the Bible possess these things.

And guess what? They know this. They know. The Bible says that they know God exists and yet they suppress the truth (Rom. 1). But what you need to know is that this suppression is not without a philosophy of life and religious presuppositions. Just because there is suppression doesn’t mean there’s a vacuum of worldview. 

When enemies of the gospel look at the world around them, they see that chaos produced chaos—nothing produced everything—and everything is disordered. Things aren’t perfect, so instead of trusting Christ who is making all things new, they want to escape it. Before they escape it, they want to control it, to sanctify and purify it; they want to be as god, which means they need to attain deity. There are naturalistic, evolutionary presuppositions that fuel Statism, and thus fuel the vaccine industry.  

The goal of Christians is perfect humanity, which Christ will accomplish when history is consummated; the goal of the pagan is perfect deity. For the pagan world, sanctification is metaphysical transcendence: using the material world to ascend to the heavens. For the Christian, we want ethical maturity and growth in wisdom and patience and joy. These worldviews are obviously at odds with one another. 

And the government controlled CDC & DHHS are not without these religious commitments, and here is what those commitments are: 1) Alchemy and 2) Gnosticism. If man is going to escape living in God’s world, he is either going to have to kill himself, or transcend himself. He has to become a new creation; and the way this is done is through power and chemistry; he must abolish time, reach higher consciousness, and escape finitude. He must, quite literally, control the masses through the means of statist interventionism. Government schools, abortion, vaccines—all of it falls under this draconian, alchemist paradigm, including banning unvaccinated children and adults from certain quarters of society. 

Regarding alchemy, we’re not speaking primarily about ancient magicians in a laboratory trying to make their own fountain of youth. Alchemy, which is what any honest, self-conscious vaccine manufacturer can call himself, is the esoteric science of the religion of gnosticism.  The two go together. Chemical witchcraft under the ostensible guise of “preventing disease” coupled with elitism and secret knowledge (that’s gnosticism) is the statist utopia. Gnosticsim does not deal with sin and transgression and moral dysfunction; it can only deal with ignorance, which requires secret knowledge.

However, science should not be a secret endeavor by the elite, government-controlled set of so-called “experts.” It must be a publicly disclosed process (where’s the double blind placebo controlled test comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, which explains vaccine efficacy?) whereby there is a division of labor, open knowledge with carefully documented data (there should be no government-protected exemptions on disclosures of information and responsibility for its contents), repeatable experimentation (before injecting fetal bovine serum into our bodies, we should probably exhaust the study over and over again (especially given that the 2011 IOM report–IOM is now The National Academy of Medicine–that the CDC utilizes is filled with a multitude of cries for more data), and lastly, basic consumer law which governs injury to others. 

These are all biblical principles scattered throughout the Bible and I’ll give you one example: Proverbs 18:17 says, “The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.” In other words, human life should be of such a value as to exhaust all study, testing, and prospective solutions before administering vaccines. And even then, regardless of the outcome of the science, the individual’s right to refuse must remain paramount. (See point #1 of the Nuremberg Code regarding voluntary consent.)

Modern science came because of the Reformation in Europe, not because of the Enlightenment. The only thing the Enlightenment has contributed to science is the attempted confiscation of science for the purposes of humanism and power and control. When men like Freud and Jung came along, they took the presuppositions of the Enlightenment (man is the starting point for everything), married it to alchemy (the science of controlling the material world for the advancement of control and power), and brought it into the realm of psychoanalysis. All of this is connected to the present topic.

Instead of Reformational maturity and ethical progress, the Enlightenment philosopher-kings want transmutation: deification through material control and experimentation. Here is the basic logic: Alchemy needs gnosticism in order to advance, and both need Statism in order to succeed. And I’m here to tell you that the medical industry, specifically the vaccine industry, has been commandeered by people who hold to these presuppositions. (And yes, there are godly, well-intentioned Christian people involved who are unwitting participants in it.) 

But by and large, the CDC has been allowed to concoct their formulas in secret with government backed secrecy and control being the ultimate goal. With regard to alchemy, we’re not speaking about methodology only, since alchemy is typically understood to mean uniting the same compounds over and over hoping for a different result. We’re talking about the bizarre, secretive, cult-like practices of the vaccine industry which go right along with gnosticism.

Look no further than what has taken place in California two weeks ago—this will not end there; informed consent, medical/religious exemptions, etc., all of it will be removed by the slow boil of statism. So that’s the worldview behind it; what’s the science?

Regarding vaccines specifically, a few things need to be said. The immune system is really two immune systems: Cell-mediated, and humoral. The cell-mediated system, which consists of many different kinds of immune cells and a multi-functional message system (think white blood cells). If we used military terms to describe it, we could say that it is the air, land, and sea attack controlled by different communication systems with the goal of seeking and destroying the “bad” stuff: viruses, bacteria, fungus, toxins, etc. When an unvaccinated child gets chicken pox, the cells are told to go to war, and that’s what they do. The end point is white blood cells which either ‘eat’ the infected cells or disarm the cells with biological mechanisms, but either way, they push them out of the body (which results in rashes or mucus). 

Chicken pox and measles, for example, are fought off rather easily by this God-created system, as history has shown. When the frontline cellular armies do their job, they produce symptoms like a fever, which isn’t “sickness,” but rather evidence that the body is ridding itself of something that shouldn’t be there. In other words, God has created our bodies—down to every last cell—to fight. Our bodies were created good, fully capable of detoxing foreign invasions, and although we are broken because of sin, we need to recognize that we’re in the process of restoration, and we must not hinder that process through disobedience and gnostic alchemy, nor should we cavalierly attempt to artificially super-charge such systems with little to no regard for the litany of unintended consequences and side effects. 

The humoral system is the part of the immune system that comes along after the fight is over, where the cellular immune system hands over part of the antigen, so that a record of the infection fight is backed up in the body’s memory—lymph nodes, in the form of IgG antibodies.  If the same antigen should come around in a few years, the body says, “I remember you; you must now leave.” These antibodies attach to the remembered antigens and either kill the virus or toxin, or “mark them” so that other cells can come along and finish the job. God knew what he was doing…go figure.

The problem comes in when we introduce the alchemist dream to the process. Medicines like antibiotics (which may have their place), and fever reducing pills like ibuprofen and aspirin, along with vaccines, suppress the cell-mediated response; sure, the fever may go down, but you’ve just handcuffed your cells from doing their job.

The process is simple: when a child gets measles, the cellular armies chase the invaders in an orderly fashion and destroy them; and the humoral system develops antibodies that remember the virus and are enlisted into the rear-guard immune system army to fight them in the future. If the measles virus comes again, these antibodies destroy it before it can infect other cells; they are the immune system’s standing army. 

Enter vaccines. Instead of trusting the immune system process, most vaccines, because they are killed microbes mixed with aluminum, primarily involve the humoral immune system. By design, vaccines trigger the rear-end action of the immune system—the humoral—and quiet down the front line, cell-mediated system. The vaccine turns the core blueprints and functionality for the immune system upside down.

Instead of allowing a child to get chicken pox and fight it the way his body is designed to fight, we inject him with the virus along with other toxins and culture-medium antigens in order to stimulate the humoral antibodies response. In order to accomplish triggering the humoral system without the use of the front line, cell-mediated immune system, adjuvants have to be added to the vaccine: these ostensible “helpers” are irritants that force the humoral immune system to produce antibodies which are supposed to keep out the sickness in question. Vaccines are simply a back-door “trick play” on your immune system. 

The basic scientific problem with vaccines, then, is the stimulation of antibodies in the humoral immune system, and the suppression of front line cells in the cell-mediated system. There are two different, though similar, problems with vaccines. One is dysregulation of the immune system because the vaccine is now causing imbalance and mayhem in the system, which may result in a slew of reactions ranging from allergies, autoimmune disorders, chronic illnesses, cognitive disorders, swelling of the brain, seizures, permanent brain injury, and death.

A second problem with vaccines is molecular mimicry where the immune system picks up from the antigen a small genetic sequence which is identical to normal human tissue. This can cause the antibodies to not only attack the antigens in the vaccine, but also begin to track cells in the body which look like the vaccine antigen. Like an angry drunk, the antibodies attack the nervous system, organs, and other vital tissues.

One study done in 2009 in Japan concluded that an overstimulation of the host’s immune system leads to autoimmunity in the animals that were tested. In short: vaccines injur both children and adults, because autoimmunity is the result of a misdirected, dysfunctional immune system. And vaccines are absolutely the cause.

And the question for us is what to think about the CDC schedule and the rise of autism, cancer, and other medical conditions that have grown over the past 50 years. 100 years ago, autism did not exist in medical literature; it was first described in 1943. Then came the era of the vaccine, and suddenly, we’re seeing an astronomical increase in autism as the vaccine schedule grows? When hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of parents are giving testimony to the normalcy of their child prior to vaccines, and a subsequent testimony to the severe disruption of that normalcy after receiving vaccines? We’re talking 1 in 37 boys with autism. 1 in 37!

And what’s inside these vaccines: have you read the inserts? Have you seen the additional ingredients called “excipients?” Let’s take aluminum, which is placed in many vaccines as an adjuvant in order to stimulate an antibody reaction. The FDA says that 25 micrograms a day is all that the body can handle. The amount of aluminum given to babies for the Hepatitis B vaccine alone is actually 14 times the maximum allowable dose for an eight-pound baby. When you follow the CDC schedule at 2, 4, and 6-month checkups, infants are given more than 1,000 micrograms! Aluminum alone is connected to various autoimmune diseases, neurological issues, autism, and even MS. Why are we injecting it into our muscles and bloodstream?

Vaccines contain formaldehyde which is used for embalming; it’s a carcinogen and can damage the liver and kidneys. Polysorbate 80 is used as a “soap” to make sure the protein antigen doesn’t stick to the inside surface of the vial. Its other uses in medicine is to open the blood-brain barrier, so that drugs which would not normally enter the brain, can get in. The question is, does polysorbate result in vaccine ingredients crossing in the brain? If it contains Polysorbate 80, you can bet that the toxins have a greater access to your brain. 

How about the flu-vaccine, some of which contains thimerosal, which is a preservative which contains mercury, one of the most toxic substances on the planet? 2 parts per billion is the limit for drinking water; 50,000 (!) parts per billion mercury is in multi-dose flu vaccines that’s given to infants and adults. 

Bypassing the normal digestive security system, we inject a raft of excipient ingredients into our body tissue, suppress the body’s cell-mediated system, and cause dysfunction in the humoral system, all with no scientific understanding of what the immune system does with those diverse ingredients. And we wonder why we 1 in 59 children have autism? And government-backed agencies say that there’s no real link between the two, when the studies they cite conclude that at best that it’s inconclusive? Is it really that hard to conclude that vaccines contribute to the problem, along with toxic chemicals in our food system? What hath man wrought!

The last thing I’ll say regarding the ingredients is the absolute immoral, unethical, and wicked process of injecting animal DNA, and aborted fetal DNA into our bodies. 23 vaccines on the schedule contain the remains of cells, protein, and DNA from aborted babies, the MMR vaccine being at the top of the list. Adenovirus, Polio, DTap/Polio/HiB combo, Hep A, HepA/HepB combo, Rabies, Varicella (Chicken pox), and the shingles vaccines are all on the list. We are abolitionists around here which means we hate the killing of children and we most certainly hate the killing of children in order to sell their parts and participate in the alchemist experiment that is vaccines. 

PER-C6, HEK293, IMR-90, WI-38, WI-1 through WI-25, WI 44, MCR-5 are all “human designer cells” but are more accurately called “aborted baby cells.” The body is a temple and ought to be honored. And I can think of no other way to desecrate a temple than injecting substances derived from aborted children into our bodies. Christians are by and large not outraged about this aspect to the vaccine industry because the system minimizes the use of aborted baby tissue by saying that it’s just a few babies and the ends justify the means. Christians are, by and large not outraged by the sin of abortion. This is because Moloch worship has taken supremacy in our churches; and the Pope, of course, has justified it essentially in the name of statism. 

In Deuteronomy 28 we see the unraveling of the Israelite social order as a result of God’s covenant sanctions befalling a disobedient people. The social and economic prosperity given to Israel as a gift would be reversed and taken away so long as Israel pursued idols and refuse to follow YHWH. The land would be cursed, and the ground would yield no crops. Confusion would set it. Verse 22 says, “The LORD will smite you with consumption and with fever and with inflammation.” God will send sickness and disease, the same stuff God had done to Egypt in order to rescue Israel (v. 27-29). 

Sexual promiscuity will run rampant; thievery and oppression will run about in the streets. Enemies will come and take everything. They will become subservient to another nation (v. 36). Economic collapse coupled with debt incursion will be a new reality. Things will be so bad that mothers will eat their own children, boiling them in their mother’s milk. In other words, the thing that’s supposed to give life will become a means of death and destruction. God gave Israel the choice to choose life through obedience, or suffer the consequences.

God sanctions nations and churches and unfaithful parents who give themselves and their children over to Moloch, be it through abortion or the vaccine industry which leads to injury or even death: a self-inflicted decision. Extraordinary plagues will befall a faithless people and science will not be able to stop it.  

There are several final points I’d like to address: 

1) The Christian gospel is about moving things from darkness to light. Deceitfulness regarding the alleged pronouncement of safety while concealing the danger, and opting for gnostic (secret) religious presuppositions, is completely antithetical to the Christian gospel. History is moving from darkness to light, not light to darkness. The CDC & Vaccine manufacturers who are quick to scratch each other’s financial back, are actively suppressing information, covering their tracks, and working to control people. And the fact that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 exists, signed by President Ronald Reagan, proves it. 

2) The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear, which means that our gospel gives us the tools to keep us from giving ourselves over to fear in every area of life. God does not give us a spirit of fear. When the media wants to push the “outbreak” button, do not fear. When a doctor wants to warn you about the danger your unvaccinated child may pose to others, don’t fear, and remember that some vaccinated children shed and thus can make others sick. Do not fear. When they tell you to fear, you must not. When the doctors says, “If you don’t do this, your child will die,” know that it is a lie, and do not fear. Predestination is a Christian doctrine, but the gnostic religion has its own version: let’s give you the disease before you get the disease. Who said I would get it? And who says my body can’t deal with it? Who says my God can’t deal with it?

3) There is no dignity in death apart from the Christian gospel. The same statist industry that butchers children, that pushes pills and pays off doctors, is the same industry that wants to control the alleged dangers of disease as well. At best this should give us pause for concern. Whether we live or die, our confession is this: Blessed be the name of the LORD. There is dignity in God’s providential hand—even in death. Those who want to do evil assuming that good will be the result have no dignity or honor.

4) Individual liberty wanes the moment we believe the lie that God’s law shouldn’t be relevant to the discussion. If we will not have the holiness God’s law, we will have the tyranny of man’s law. And what you’re seeing right now is evident of it. Individual liberty, religious exemption, informed consent—these are words that Statists do not understand. We have traded liberty for alleged security, and as someone has said, we’ll soon find that we have neither. We have rejected God’s law and replaced it with man’s law, which means we’ll have tyranny: a revocation of religious exemption altogether. Mandated vaccines for children, and you better believe it will come for adults. This is power religion taking control of you. The gospel, and only the gospel, sets you free from all of  this. 

Lastly… Are we insane? You may not participate in Girl Scouts or school or life in this State unless we inject toxic metals, chemicals, animal blood, and aborted fetal DNA into your arm. It’s insanity, church. It’s confusion. It’s fear. It’s the unraveling of the American social order. It’s all the things that the gospel combats and restores. 

My conclusion? We must stop waiting for the second advent of Christ to accomplish what he has already accomplished in his first advent. The Christian worldview built Western Civilization. It began to crumble, however, the moment we stopped extending those liberties to black slaves. It began to crumble the moment we gave the federal government more and more power. It began to crumble the moment we decided the family unit was dispensable. It began to crumble the moment we decided the Church’s job was to keep her mouth shut. It continues to crumble when we allow government bureaucrats to try and run every single area of life through the means of handing our children over to them in matters of health, education, economics, and business. You want my child, Pharaoh? No, you may not. 

People who love the gospel of Jesus Christ ought to be suspicious of power and money in the hands of people actively working against King Jesus. 

If I get a disease and die, I die. But do we not have the promise of Psalm 91:10, which says, “No evil will befall you, nor will any plague come near your tent.” Either way, in my life I have Christ, and in my death, Christ is glorified. Better to die a free man than become a slave of the state with government mandated toxicity coursing through my veins. Jesus is far, far better than that. May the gospel of the Kingdom prevail, and may the Church repent of her apathy, start believing in the promises of God, and start fighting. 

We’ve only scratched the surface: we could go on deconstructing the alleged herd immunity, the lies about the role of vaccinations in eradicating diseases in the past, the whistleblowers who have exposed the lies that are being used to push this program on us, and the twisted claims of vaccination success in poor countries, but we don’t have the time. I would refer you to Jordan Wilson’s articles at on the matter, as he responded to Joe Carter from the Gospel Coalition.