I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest project, Psalms of Christ for All of Life!

The 12-Week Study Guide is based on The Psalms sermon series I preached in 2022.

The book is designed as a Navigators-style Bible study. Each participant will watch the sermon, then walk through the corresponding chapter, answering questions and reflecting on both the text and themselves. When the answers have been filled out, the group can come together to discuss their findings.

Table of Contents:

  1. Psalm 1 – The Well-Ordered Life
  2. Psalm 2 – The Well-Ordered Nation
  3. Psalm 8 – What is Man?
  4. Psalm 19 – Yahweh’s Law
  5. Psalm 23 – The Shepherd-King
  6. Psalm 42 & 43 – Thirsty Souls
  7. Psalm 51 – Deep Repentance
  8. Psalm 83 – Conspiracy of Nations
  9. Psalm 98 – Yahweh’s Saving Righteousness
  10. Psalm 119 – Walking in the Word
  11. Psalm 139 – Yahweh’s Supremacy
  12. Psalm 150 – Hallelujah!

I hope and pray it’s a wonderful guide to the Psalms of our Lord Jesus Christ! If you have a Sunday School class, small-group, or just want to do something with a few friends, the book is a great tool to help learn the dynamics of a psalm-filled life.

[Please reach out for bulk pricing on orders of more than 20.]