I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, Reconstructing the Heart: Towards a Theology of Emotion. The book was an incredible learning experience for me and I believe the Church has quite a ways to go in dealing with our emotions and helping others do the same. My hope and prayer is that this would be an aid to the Body as we learn to sort through the complexity of the topic.

From the back of the book:

‘Reconstructing the Heart’ is an honest look at what it means to be emotional in all the right ways. As the reader will learn, the “right” ways are determined by the ethical/judicial presuppositions and actions we use when deploying our emotions. Because of the abhorrent assumptions and influence of Greek philosophy, many Christians today are left without a proper understanding of what it means to be righteously and biblically emotional. Reconstructing the Heart is a technical and practical look at how to reclaim your emotions from the clutches of sin and bad theology. The reader will be challenged and motivated to apply the gospel of the Kingdom to all aspects of his being: mind, soul, and heart.

Two quick things:

  1. This is the very first publication of Cross & Crown Books and Lord willing there will be more to come!
  2. I have to thank my brother Brett and Red Bag Media for the outstanding cover design and mockups. You simply must check out his website! I highly recommend his services and invite you or anyone you might know to hire him for your next big project.

And without further ado, the paperback is now available on Amazon!

Thanks for your support!