Men who have no sense in their own hearts and consciences of the spiritual disorder of their souls, of the secret continual actings of sin, with deceit and violence obstructing all that is good, promoting all that is evil, defiling all that is done by them through the lusting of the flesh against the spirit, as contrary to it, though no outward perpetration of sin nor actual omission of duty do ensue theron; who are not engaged in a constant watchful conflict against the first motions of sin, to whom they are not the greatest burden and sorrow in this life, causing them to cry out for deliverance from them; who can despise those who make acknowledgements in their confession to God, or their sense of these things, with the guilt wherewith they are accompanied, will with an assured confidence reject and contemn what is offered about justification through the obedience and righteousness of Christ imputed to us.


From The Doctrine of Justification by Faith, pg. 27.