Yesterday my friend (and his wife) and I were at the Saginaw death-pit preaching Christ and him crucified. There were approximately 5 babies killed there yesterday, and while pretty much every interaction we had was tranquil, one interaction disturbed me. The interaction was with one of the grandmothers who, upon dropping off the young girl who was pregnant, left with what I assume was either her other daughter, or a friend. Either way, they dropped off the girl to Molech, and drove off thinking that the priests of Baal might be able to help.

Anyhow, while leaving, they rolled down their windows and we had a few moments to speak with them. We told them why we were there and pleaded with the ladies to go back in that office and get the young girl outta there. They said that they didn’t want the abortion, either, but “couldn’t stop” her from doing what she came to do. At this point, we talked about Christ and the cross, and the forgiveness therein. We urged them to find forgiveness and hope in Christ and not at the abortuary.

What was said next struck me to the core. The grandmother said, “I’m a church person.”

I’m a church person. As if ecclesiological affiliation exempts one from murder. As if the Bride of Christ was crucified for sinners. As if Jesus’ passivity and the church’s activity provides a substitutionary solution. As if the ekklesia of God is a bona fide hall pass for the execution of a fetus.

I get it. We were talking to her about Jesus and she wanted to make sure we understood that she was on our side. We weren’t being rude, either, as they were willing to patiently talk. We simply wanted them to take some literature and spare the innocent life of the baby. We were eager to preach Christ and they were just as eager to hear us out. After she said, “I’m a church person,” they drove off. We never did get to talk with them again. They came back later to the altar after the baby was destroyed.

I’m a church person. Truthfully, that’s the problem. We have so watered down our ethical expectations that Christians–CHRISTIANS!–are the ones filling up the parking lots of the death pits. People who name the name of Christ are happily giving their money to end the life of a child. Did you catch what I said? Christians.

Christians in outward appearance. Christians in name only. Christians in social identity only. Christians who would rather say “church person” than Christ-exalting, cross-bearing Christian. Adjectives are tough, so I get it. But because things are muddied up, we need more adjectival Christianity to combat the diluted imposters.

Which also means we need the Church to repent. For pulpits to repent and pastors to repent. For “church people” to repent of their apathy. [We need more law, really. When people presume upon the grace of God, they need to law to correct their thinking.]

It is maddening that “church people” show up to the mill to placate the wrath of Molech by offering up their child. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered a “Christian” at the mill–it’s just…this lady said it so flippantly. Alas, the spirit of the age: ambivalence, arbitrary/situational morality; apathy. It’s killing the church, and it’s killing children.

“I’m a church person.” No, no…you’re either a Christian, or you’re not. There is no middle ground.