Target came out of the closet (again) yesterday, stating that their changing rooms and bathrooms are fair game for anyone. Since they hold on tightly to their deeply held doctrines of “equality” and “equity,” it only makes sense that they turn the lustful human heart loose. The business group strongly believes in “inclusivity,” though it sounds like that only goes so far–they don’t believe that someone can self-identify as an employee of Target and receive the corporate discount on purchases (intolerance much?). Seriously: watch the video in the previous link. It’s fantastic.

In light of all the confusion of Target’s rolling out the red carpet to pedophiles and rapists, I figured that we could visit the epicenter of knowledge in our culture and gain some clarity on this controversial issue of self-identification. If anyone has something intelligent to say, surely we could go to our colleges and universities to get answers, right?


Take a look at the above video. WARNING: you may try to face palm yourself to death. Try not to. Also, you may need an antacid afterwards.

Oh, and I leave you with one more thing: when you reject the Law of God, you’re grasping for humanist straws. These are some of the dumbest answers and responses I’ve ever seen. If we’re going to do battle as the church militant, you better brush up on satirical mockery. Seems like Elijah the prophet had that down pat (1 Kings 18:20-40). Oh, and let us not forget to pray that God would use us to take this stupidity and do something productive with it for the Kingdom. Unless you self-identify as something else and don’t care; that I can’t help you with.