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Grasping for Straws at College

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Target came out of the closet (again) yesterday, stating that their changing rooms and bathrooms are fair game for anyone. Since they hold on tightly to their deeply held doctrines of "equality" and "equity," it only makes sense that they turn the lustful human heart loose. The business group strongly believes in "inclusivity," though it sounds like that only goes so far--they don't believe that someone can self-identify as an employee of Target and receive the corporate discount on purchases (intolerance much?). Seriously: watch the video in the previous link. It's fantastic. In light of all the confusion of Target's rolling out the red [...]

A Must Watch Video

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Take four minutes to watch this video. And I pray it leads you to repentance, as it did me.   12 hour service? No Bible? A 2-hour sermon too short? Christian in America: What is your excuse for a lack of commitment to the local church? To the Word? To Jesus?