Black Lives Matter (Sermon)

KEY TEXTS //  “The same law shall apply to him that is a native and to the stranger who sojourns among you” [Ex.

Black Lives Matter (Sermon)2021-07-19T11:45:36-04:00

Fauquier County Constitutional Rally Speech (Transcript & Video)   Speech Transcript Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I am Dr. Jason Garwood and I serve

Fauquier County Constitutional Rally Speech (Transcript & Video)2020-03-03T14:23:28-05:00

Grasping for Straws at College

Target came out of the closet (again) yesterday, stating that their changing rooms and bathrooms are fair game for anyone. Since they hold on

Grasping for Straws at College2019-10-21T09:13:51-04:00

A Must Watch Video

Take four minutes to watch this video. And I pray it leads you to repentance, as it did me.   12

A Must Watch Video2015-02-23T09:54:42-05:00


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