It’s a Political Circus, Really.

Ideas have consequences, and you can’t beat something with nothing. Which means we’re in a battle of worldviews in the public square

It’s a Political Circus, Really.2016-02-24T08:46:28-05:00

Blood Moons? Shemitah? No.

If you haven't been privy to the latest evangelical fantastical craze, well, good for you. It's out there, though. People are talking

Blood Moons? Shemitah? No.2015-09-24T09:44:57-04:00

Misunderstood Verses: John 3:16

I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts addressing some oftentimes misunderstood and misused verses, with the hope of giving

Misunderstood Verses: John 3:162014-05-16T07:20:41-04:00

it’s finally here!

3 months, 12 sermons and 52,000+ words later... My first book is now available for purchase. I titled it The Fight for

it’s finally here!2013-03-11T13:16:43-04:00
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