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Coronavirus & Tyranny: A Perspective

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So we are a week or two into the current apocalyptic frenzy and the pre-tribulational Rapture index (a real thing) is spiking off the charts. We somehow made it through the blood moons unscathed, but here we are facing another unique moment in world history. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has apprehended our attention and what we must do is be as judicious and shrewd as possible. This can be rather difficult given our penchant for memes: memery is clearly at its all-time high (a curve that will most certainly not be flattened). Another problem lies in the fact that there’s [...]

Virginia is for Lovers (And the Gospel)

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This past Sunday I announced to Colwood Church that my family and I are going to be transitioning into our next chapter of ministry. We will be planting Cross & Crown Church in Northern Virginia. Mary and I both sensed God's leading in this area, and both of us received the same confirmation at the same time. What is really exciting is that we have been welcomed into a core team that has been meeting for quite some time, and some of those members have been dear friends for a few years. Right now we're in the process of selling our home [...]

Homosexuality and Gospel “Fairness”?

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By now you have probably heard the news that came out of Detroit last week. One particular news report was titled “Presbyterians in U.S. to allow gay marriage ceremonies.” (Many thanks to my friend and co-laborer/pastor who passed this along to me!) To be clear, you shouldn’t interpret that headline to mean that all presbyterian people in the United States are on board with homosexuals getting ‘married’ (it’s not marriage). That would be far from the truth. The truth is, that the denomination called “Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)” voted to allow their pastors to ‘marry’ homosexuals (they are the largest presbyterian denomination in [...]