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Books I’ve Read in 2023

I'm a day late (because Michigan is going to the National Championship!) but as has been my custom, I put these here

Books I’ve Read in 20232024-01-03T10:43:36-05:00

Books I’ve Read in 2022

Another year, another stack of books. In 2022, I spent considerable time delving into a field I had only merely scratched the

Books I’ve Read in 20222023-01-02T09:16:18-05:00

What is Christian Reconstruction?

After developing a graphic on postmillennialism, I decided to go ahead and do the entire gamut of the tenets of Christian Reconstruction.

What is Christian Reconstruction?2022-05-24T07:56:49-04:00

Palm Sunday: The King’s Arrival

And when they had approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage, at the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, saying to

Palm Sunday: The King’s Arrival2022-04-10T17:38:21-04:00

Books I’ve Read in 2021

It's that time! I didn't quite hit my goal this year, but I read a lot of great books. I almost completed

Books I’ve Read in 20212022-01-01T11:44:59-05:00

Why reject compulsory vaccination?

Why reject compulsory vaccination? Why reject the magistrate being in charge of so-called "public health"? Because we're not cattle. Because we're not

Why reject compulsory vaccination?2021-12-30T09:21:54-05:00

Exemption Letter

Due to the incredible amount of people asking for my religious exemption letter (yes, I'm well aware that my Christian religion exempts

Exemption Letter2021-10-13T14:08:13-04:00


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