The need for tota scriptura

It’s no secret: things are a changin’. Lawlessness and immorality are now virtuous principles to live by, secular media and politicians here in America

The need for tota scriptura2014-07-22T10:06:09-04:00

Misunderstood Verses: John 6:44

After a short break from this series (vacation happened, thankfully), I thought it would be good to jump back in with yet

Misunderstood Verses: John 6:442014-07-08T15:32:31-04:00

Misunderstood Verses: 2 Peter 3:9

Last time we kicked off this "Misunderstood Verses" blog series with John 3:16. As is the case for any verse in Scripture, we

Misunderstood Verses: 2 Peter 3:92014-05-22T14:38:56-04:00

What I Want From a Sermon

Disclaimer: I don't mean for the title of this blog post to sound so self-serving. "I want this, I want that, me,

What I Want From a Sermon2014-03-09T16:22:02-04:00
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