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Africa Mission Announcement!

By |2019-06-21T10:23:15-05:00June 21st, 2019|Blog|

Hey friends—I’m really excited to announce the wonderful opportunity I have to return to Africa this September! After last year’s trip the Lord put a burden on my heart to minister to the college students at the University of Zambia. I had the opportunity to preach in the chapel service last time and sensed that God had more work for me to do there. So, I prayed. And prayed. And waited. And finally the door has opened back up! Lord willing, I’ll spend about 10 days in September putting on a Bible conference for the students there at the University [...]

A Word About Men and Marriage

By |2014-08-21T11:28:21-05:00August 21st, 2014|Blog|

Gentlemen: You are not boys. Women are not objects. Christ is most assuredly King. I’ve noticed a trend in young men who relinquish their God-given role as spiritual leaders in their families: childish, selfish, pride-filled immaturity. Some of them have been married for several years now. Others have children out of wedlock. But that is the common problem: immaturity. […]

What I Want From a Sermon

By |2014-03-09T16:22:02-05:00March 9th, 2014|Blog|

Disclaimer: I don't mean for the title of this blog post to sound so self-serving. "I want this, I want that, me, me and more me." I'm not coming at it from that angle. I'm coming (hopefully) from the angle of Scripture and what we ought to want from the preaching of God's Word. (Much is done today in the name of preaching and much of it horrendous. But that is not my aim.) I should also mention that this is my approach to delivering sermons, as well as listening to sermons. Though not exhaustive, here are some of things I want from [...]